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This online resource helps to match horoscope of two individuals based on traditional Ashta Kuta method. Horoscope matching is also known as Kundali.

Debilitated Moon and debilitated Rahu together.

Debilitated Venus in 1st House of Horoscope

If not carefully managed the features of the 12th house can give more headaches to you because of the nature of your 1st lord. The 10th lord in the 4th house made him the Deputy Collector in his home State, certainly a top most post in the State. Native may be going to jail or suffering from legal problems.

Here we have a Leo ascendant with Mars debiitated in the 12th house. Let us begin with simple cases, evaluate and get to a conclusion. In a self-centered way of existing, we naturally feel like we are important and the people and things in the world are resources for us.

This trait becomes the habit of the native and he tries to apply it on everyone if there is effect of malefic planets on Ketu. Vedic Astrology related questions and answers What if 6th lord Sun is placed in the 12th house? What if Venus is debilitated in the 3rd house? What if 10th. Oddly, it can therefore represent breaks in employment or career, perhaps for ethical or spiritual reasons, or travel.

The 10th house lord should not be placed in the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses from the 10th house itself. Having Rahu in the 7th house and if 7th lord makes a connection with 9th house. Saturn and Raahu in 12th House for Virgo Lagna would certainly damage the 5th House as Saturn Lord of the 5th house is - barren planet - occupies sign of his great enemy - in Sign of Sun Malefic - associated with Raahu Malefic - occupies Dusthaan 12th House - as Lord of 6th House quarrel obstacles aspects 2nd House speech money.

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Effectively the dharmesha drains 12th the vitality from the leadership agenda, by pulling the attention backwards into the world of ideology, philosophy and paradigms of belief. If 12ths Lord is in 10th House, the native will incur expenditure through royal persons and will enjoy only moderate paternal bliss. For example if Saturn is the lord of the 10th house for Taurus ascendant, its placement in the 12th house in debility will give excellent results like power, position and a good career.

It is also taken as 1st house lord in 10th house. A different way of looking at this would be to say that the lagna lord occupying the 5th, 8th, or 12th house and tenanting the stars of the lords of the 2nd, 10th or 11th, makes the lagna lord appear to be strong but is actually considered to be one step below that of the middle level of strength. If the lord of 8th house is positioned in the same house, it is called Sarala yoga. My emotional health is not very good, i am always and easily hurt and sad and worried of almost everything that might happen in the future, my life seems like a burden to me.

When Mars debilitated these people more focused in what they desire. On the contrary if the 10th lord is exalted in the 2nd house the native will be successful in foreign country.

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As 10th house lord is placed just 3rd from own house so you may read First house lord in 3rd house. Vishnu gives the dharmic ideals to the person and takes him on the path of dharma as mentioned in Srimad Bhagavat Gita. Ascendant lord in the 10th is excellent for fame in the professional sphere. When debilitated Venus is placed in the twelfth house of a horoscope, the lord of ascendant becomes debilitated and hence the entire horoscope becomes weak. Here sun is debilitated at 28 degrees and is lord of 10th house where as mars is ascendent lord , will it make a raj yoga or I will get adverse effect from this sun.

In item f, a score of Anthony Writer 7 Natal chart - Asc. A malefic debilitated Saturn in 8th house : can cause some of the most serious problems related to the marriage, married life and long-term relations of the native and accordingly the natives under the strong influence of this malefic placement of debilitated Saturn can face many kinds of problems in the above-mentioned spheres.

Its aspect over 10th house again makes it easier for the native to grow in career. This cancellation doesn? Moon situated in the 12th house and debilitated, conjunction with Malefic Rahu, aspected by Malefic Mars 12th and 5th lord and 6th and 11th lord Venus.

A person spending on which things? It will tell by 12th House Sub Lord. According to Vedic astrology, arranged marriage occurs when the lord of ascendant does not combine or form an aspect with the lord of the house of marriage i.

Debilitated Planets and the Great Parashara Exception

By doing which things a person can get benefits? It will tell by 11th House Sub Lord. Lord of first house in tenth house: The native will be endowed with paternal happiness, royal honour, fame. The 7th house lord traversing through the Star that is owned by the 6th, 8th and 12th house lords. This completes the relationship between 2,6,10 Trikona houses for career and establishes strong link with communication sector related job 3rd house.

If Saturn gets Neech Bhanga or Cancellation of debility, it can make the person extremely wealthy. The effects of the transit of Jupiter through the various houses reckoned from the Moon will be as given belowst house- Departure from the native place, heavy expenditure and ill will towards others. For the beginners, here are some beautIful Raj Yogas. Rahu and Ketu in 3rd, 6th and 11th house from Lagna is good. Sun - Suppose it is a Scorpio Ascendant chart and Sun rules the 10th house with Leo sign and sits in 12th house in Libra, where it is debilitated.

Jupiter is a Key planet for it becomes the lord of the ascendant and the 10th quadrant house of career and profession. D-1 Yogakaraka in Lagna or aspecting Lagna - Raja yoga in profession. If he be powerful, professional success is indicated. Nevertheless, it is still a good placement, and can even bring fame and a good public image. Now we will discuss for all planets and vargottama planet effects.

KRSchannel - Learn Astrology 38, views. The Moon in the 10th house and its aspects can show whether the individual was praised or criticized. Means venus is most beneficial for Capricorn Ascendant. As explained in house grouping section, 7th house is the primary house for marriage. Now, let me come to the very important subject on Jupiter Saturn aspect.

The 10th house and 10th lord, planets posited in 10th and planets associated with 10th indicate present karma which can increase or decrease the span of life. This makes high class raj yoga, and can able to providing good and favourable results. He will be cruel hearted and given to committing crimes.

The person might not be feel appreciated by partner which may leads to disagreements and disappointment in love. Due to these problems you might feel an emotional gap, arguments and cold wars between you and your partner. Remedy for weak Venus: 1. One should improve their behavior in love. Venus is planet of mutual love. If someone wants love from others then one should know how to give love others. Venus is important in romantic relationships.

When Venus energy damage the person is not easily feels happy. One should learn life is not about to criticize others but to get along with each other. As in relationship we have to compromise or adjust for the happiness of others and ourselves. Before we start blaming the other person and criticizing them, one should look at themselves. This is the best thing to put it into practice in everyday life.

Amazing Venus - Transforming Desires and Criticism - Debilitated Venus and Neecha Banga

One should not be selfish in love. You should not spend much time on selection of dresses as this all to avoid and minimize the malefic effects of the planet.


We all know about astrology but how this astrology works on us? We live in this universe on the planet earth. In astrology we mainly deal with nine planets. These are sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. But how these planetary energy affect us? Attached Images chart. For Dreamer Rajyoga but disputes and injuries. Disputes could relate to your marriage. This period would keep your health on the delicate side.

Financially this should be a good period.

The Deep Exaltation Points of Planets

Mathur dinesh , Was this analysis on my original thread? Rajyoga but disputes and injuries. It was for Dreamer. Blackbutterflies may start a new thread. Mathur dinesh , Can you please elaborate your analysis? Please help..